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Did you draw that?..

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Its by Kurt Halsey,and artist i absolutely adore!

I wish i were that talented!

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Washoping you'd add me? I like your info/bio!

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Sure,although a LOT of my LJ is venting. I struggle with mental illness,so if you don't mind reading about that, add away!

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Hi! We're in some of the same groups, it seems we have some things in common. I like your profile. I'd love to be your LJ friend :)

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*adds you*
(deleted comment)

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added :)


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We are friends!!!!
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Hi, I saw you on Addme. I would like to add you as I also have mental health issues and family on the autistic spectrum.
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We are mutually added now!! Hello!
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i would like to be your friend.
i have a lot of mental health issues as well
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Hi 😊